Today, the company owns more than 50 units of agricultural machinery, special machinery and vehicles from such major world manufacturers as 'GRIMME', 'JCB', 'AMAZONE’, 'CASE’, ‘JOHN DEERE’ and others, including:

  • Wheeled and chain-track tractors up to 420 hp,
  • Trailed potato planters GRIMME GL34,
  • Trailed potato harvester combines with multi-separation and inspection tables GRIMME,
  • Trailed 7-hull plow,
  • Cultivators (including mulchers),
  • Trailed bedformer GRIMME,
  • Sprayers,
  • Fertilizer spreaders,
  • Trailers for transportation of potato containers,
  • Replaceable hinged equipment,
  • Automatic fuel tanker on the chassis GAZ-3309,
  • Cars of TOYOTA brand.

In addition, the company has warehouse grading, calibration and filling equipment for processing and preparation of the product for sale to the buyer, which include:

  • Grading complex Herbert (England),
  • Three-block grading complex for 4 fractions calibration Tong (England),
  • Shelving system, formed by wooden vented containers of 1.2 tons each,
  • Receiving hopper GRIMME RH12-40E,
  • Potato collector Jansen & Heuning T15-35,
  • Automatic system for product dosing and packaging into big bags (Poland),
  • Inspection roller tables and conveyor belts,
  • Automatic machines (dispensers) for filling containers,
  • Other warehouse technological equipment.

Warehousing in the company is represented by a fully developed infrastructure on about 10 hectares area, including vented and cooled warehouses for storage of products, administrative and household buildings, auxiliary and technological facilities, including:

  • Equipped with Dutch and English climate control systems, warehouses with a total of more than 4,500 sq.m. for more than 8000 tons of product for container storage,
  • Warehouse capacities for temporary storage of more than 500 tons of goods packed in big-bags, ready for shipment to the Buyer,
  • Mechanical workshops and spare parts stores,
  • Warehouses for separate storage of pesticides and fertilizers,
  • Point of weight control,
  • Administrative-household building for management and workers of the enterprise with organized dining rooms, locker rooms and showers.
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