Seed potatoes production

The Baltic Seeds company, within the framework of the investment project for the construction of a production and logistics complex and the purchase of special equipment for the cultivation of seed potatoes and other vegetable crops in the Kaliningrad region, has started the production of seed potatoes.

The first starting year 2015 showed high production results of growing elite seed potatoes of the Lady Claire variety, which gave a good foundation for the further development of seed farming.

For several years, a highly efficient production and logistics complex has been created in Rzhevskoye village, Slavsky district, which includes modern warehouses with active ventilation and air conditioning systems with a total capacity of 12.5 thousand tons, as well as auxiliary premises for sorting and shipping potato seeds.

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There are about seventeen different varieties in the assortment of seed potatoes of the Baltic Seeds company: from original seeds (the first field generation) to potatoes of the first seed reproduction. The peculiarity of seed potatoes is that it is an agricultural product resistant to diseases and pests, allowing the use of seed material for several years.
Obtaining the first seed material in-vitro (from Lat. – "in glass") is carried out in laboratory conditions, which ensure the purity of seeds from viruses and diseases. Such primary plants are subject to further cultivation in sterile conditions - in test tubes with a special nutrient medium and natural light. Further, test tube plants are grown in greenhouse conditions isolated from external vectors of diseases and viruses - insects. Thus, the seed material is born clean of defects, allowing you to harvest a healthy and high-quality crop.
Subsequent generations (reproductions) of seeds in descending order, the transition of which occurs after planting / harvesting, are:
The lower the potato class, the higher the probability of the presence of severe viruses and diseases in it, which can be transmitted from generation to generation. That is why obtaining high-quality seed material free of viruses and diseases is extremely important for the annual cultivation of potatoes and the transition to subsequent generations.
In order to ensure the purity of the product and the cultivation of high-quality seed potatoes, the Baltic Seeds company purchases seed potatoes of high reproductions from leading producers in Holland, Germany and advanced seed farms in Russia. We plan to develop our own production of mini-clubs.

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