Seed potatoes production

The company Baltic Seed has started the production of seed potato chips within the scope of the investment project for the construction of production and logistics complex and the acquisition of special equipment for the cultivation of seed potatoes and other vegetable crops in the Kaliningrad region.

The first launch in 2015 showed high production results for the cultivation of elite seed potatoes Lady Claire, which gave good reserve for the further development of the seed farm.

In spring 2016 the cultivation areas were increased to 143 hectares, in 2017 - to 176 hectares, the range of varieties and reproductions was expanded, and the construction of a highly efficient production and logistics complex was started in Rzhevskoye village of Slavsk district. The complex includes modern warehouses with active ventilation and air conditioning systems. At the same time the construction administrative building with laboratory for internal quality control of the products was started, as well as the arrangement of many other additional facilities that allow to establish the production of the product with highest quality and lowest expenses.

In the current year 2020, the area of planted potatoes was 320,65 hectares.Now the harvesting campaign is finished.

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The assortment of seed potatoes of the company Baltic Seed has about seventeen different varieties: from the original seeds (the first field generation) to the potato of the first seed reproduction. The peculiarity of seed potatoes is that it is agricultural product, resistant to diseases and pests, allowing the use of seed material for several years. The cultivation of the first seed material in-vitro (from Latin - "in glass") is carried out under laboratory conditions, which ensure the purity of seeds from viruses and diseases. Such primary plants are subject to further cultivation under sterile conditions - in test tubes with special nutriculture medium and natural light. Further, the test plants are grown in greenhouse conditions, isolated from external carriers of diseases and viruses - the insects. Thus, the seed material is born clean from defects and allows to collect healthy and high-quality crop. Next generations (reproductions) of seeds descending are minitubers, the first field generation, super-super elite, super elite, elite, the first reproduction of potatoes, the second reproduction of potatoes, which occurs after planting / harvesting. The lower the class of potatoes, the more possible the presence of serious viruses and diseases in it, which can be transmitted from generation to generation. That is why obtaining quality seed material free from viruses and diseases is extremely important for the annual growing of potatoes and moving to next generations.

In order to ensure the purity of the product and the cultivation of high-quality seed potatoes, the company Baltic Seed is buying seed potatoes of high reproductions from the leading manufacturers of Holland, Germany and advanced seed-growing farms in Russia. It is planned to develop own production of tubers - from laboratory stages of plant growth to potatoes of lower categories.

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