Barley Harvesting

The crop can be influenced by sequential, orderly rotation of crops in the field. The crop response is referred to as the “crop rotation effect”.
Compliance with the correct rotation is one of the foundations for minimizing the negative consequences of a high concentration of vegetable crops in the production structure. Crop rotation ensures the stabilization and accumulation of organic matter, decompaction of the soil and subsoil, helps in the fight against weeds and reduces the incidence of diseases and pests.
As you know, the cultivation of potatoes is accompanied by intensive mechanical tillage, frequent passes of heavy machinery across the field, high consumption of nutrients and the return of a small amount of plant residues after harvest. The result is a deterioration in physical properties and soil compaction. For these reasons, it is important to apply a system of measures to preserve the structure, fertility, and health of the soil, as well as to ensure sustainable gross production and quality.

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